The legislation that is being viewed is valid for 20 Jan 2012.

Supreme Court Rules 2000  (S.R. 2000, No. 8)
Requested:25 Apr 2014
Consolidated:20 Jan 2012

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284. Costs

      (1) Subject to the terms of an offer of compromise, if a party accepts an offer made under rule 280(4), that party is to pay the other party's costs in respect of the claim up to and including the day the offer was served unless the Court or a judge orders otherwise.

      (2) The costs are to be in accordance with –

(a) any scale specified in the offer in accordance with rule 281; or

(b) if a scale is not specified in the offer, the appropriate scale provided for in Schedule 1.

      (3) Any term in an offer of compromise which purports to negative or limit the effect of subrule (2) is of no effect for any purpose under this Part.

      (4) A party to whom costs are payable under this rule, unless the Court or a judge orders otherwise, may –

(a) tax those costs after the expiration of 7 days after they become payable; and

(b) sign judgment for the taxed costs after the expiration of 2 days after the taxation.