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Rules of Practice 1994 (S.R. 1994, No. 229)
Requested:  22 Jul 2017
Consolidated as at:  17 Mar 2006

9. Restrictions relating to mediation and arbitration

(1) A practitioner must not hold himself or herself out, or allow himself or herself to be held out, directly or indirectly, as being prepared to perform work as a mediator or an arbitrator or as both a mediator and an arbitrator without the approval of the Society.
(2) A practitioner may apply to the Society for approval to practise as a mediator or an arbitrator or a mediator and an arbitrator.
(3) The Society may –

(a) grant the approval with or without conditions; or

(b) refuse to grant the approval.

(4) An application for approval is to be –

(a) in writing; and

(b) lodged with the Executive Director.

(5) A condition of an approval may require the practitioner to comply with any rules of practice or guidelines –

(a) approved by the Society in respect of the practice of mediation; or

(b) approved by the Australian Institute of Arbitrators in respect of the practice of arbitration.

(6) The Society may withdraw an approval at any time.

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