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Rules of Practice 1994 (S.R. 1994, No. 229)
Requested:  22 Jul 2017
Consolidated as at:  17 Mar 2006

Division 2 - Advertising and attracting business

7. Advertising

(1) A practitioner may advertise in connection with his or her practice if the advertisement –

(a) does not contain a statement that the practitioner knows to be false; and

(b) is not misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive; and

(c) does not make or imply a comparison with another practitioner; and

(d) is not vulgar, sensational or of a nature that, in the opinion of the Society, is likely to bring the practitioner, the legal profession or the legal system into disrepute.

(2) In respect of any investigation of a complaint or any disciplinary proceedings under Part 8 of the Act, a practitioner claiming expertise or specialty in a particular field of the law, if required by the Society, must prove that the claim is –

(a) not false; and

(b) not misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive.

(3) Subrule (2) does not apply to the practice of mediation or arbitration.

8. Attracting business in offensive manner

A practitioner, directly or indirectly, must not –

(a) apply for, or seek instructions for, professional business from a person whom the practitioner knows is a client of another practitioner in a current matter; or

(b) do any act or thing, or permit or cause any act or thing to be done, that may reasonably be regarded as –

(i) attracting business in an offensive manner; or

(ii) using harassment or coercion; or

(iii) calculated to attract business unfairly.

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