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Asbestos-Related Diseases (Occupational Exposure) Compensation Act 2011 (No. 29 of 2011)
Requested:  18 Apr 2014
Consolidated as at:  21 Feb 2012

141. Evidence

      (1) The Tribunal is not bound by the rules of evidence but may inform itself on any matter in the manner it thinks fit.

      (2) The referral of a dispute to the Tribunal is to be accompanied by all evidentiary material on which the Commissioner intends to rely at the hearing of the matter.

      (3) If the Commissioner fails to lodge evidentiary material under subsection (2), the Commissioner may not rely on that material unless the Tribunal otherwise allows.

      (4) A party may not adduce evidence from a medical practitioner or other expert at a hearing unless –

(a) a report on, or proof of, the evidence from the expert on which the party intends to rely has been disclosed to the other parties to the hearing; or

(b) the Tribunal otherwise permits.

      (5) In a proceeding before the Tribunal –

(a) evidence may be taken on oath or affirmation; and

(b) subject to any lawful claim or right of privilege, the Tribunal, by notice in writing served on a person, may require that person to appear before it to give evidence and to produce the documents, books, and things (if any), that are specified in the notice; and

(c) evidence may be given orally or in writing.

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