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Asbestos-Related Diseases (Occupational Exposure) Compensation Act 2011 (No. 29 of 2011)
Requested:  20 Apr 2014
Consolidated as at:  21 Feb 2012

176. Liability of persons performing functions under this Act

      (1) This section applies to the following persons:

(a) the Commissioner or a delegate of the Commissioner;

(b) the Secretary to the Commissioner and any member of the staff of the Commissioner;

(c) the Chief Commissioner of the Tribunal;

(d) a Commissioner of the Tribunal;

(e) a part-time Commissioner of the Tribunal;

(f) the Registrar;

(g) a Deputy Registrar of the Tribunal;

(h) a medical professional.

      (2) No liability attaches to a person to whom this section applies for an act or omission by the person in good faith and in the exercise or purported exercise of a power or in the performance or discharge, or purported performance or discharge, of a function or duty under this Act of the person or the Tribunal or medical panel of which the person is a member.

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