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Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990 (No. 44 of 1990)
Requested:  5 Jul 2015
Consolidated as at:  Sessional

109. Accommodation standards

      (1) The Board shall, from time to time, and in consultation with the chief executive officer of Tourism Tasmania, formulate and publish accommodation standards which prescribe –

(a) various classifications of tourist accommodation; and

(b) the standards of amenities and facilities which must be met by tourist accommodation in each such classification.

      (2) Accommodation standards may be made by reference to standards published by any other person.

      (3) The Board shall formulate accommodation standards which, in its opinion, will best aid and promote the economic and social growth of Tasmania by encouraging and facilitating the orderly development of the hospitality industry in the State.

      (4) The Board shall specify in accommodation standards a date (being a date no earlier than the date of publication of the standards) when the standards are to have effect, and the standards shall have effect in respect of tourist accommodation on and from that date.

      (5) Accommodation standards shall be taken to be regulations within the meaning of the Acts Interpretation Act 1931, except that section 47 of that Act does not apply to such standards.