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Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990 (No. 44 of 1990)
Requested:  30 May 2015
Consolidated as at:  Sessional

213. Hearings by Board

      (1) If the Board is required to hold a hearing under this Act it shall fix a date, time and place for the hearing and shall inform the Commissioner and other interested parties to the hearing accordingly.

      (2) At a hearing the Board –

(a) shall decide the procedure to be followed; and

(b) shall give the applicant or appellant, as the case may be, the opportunity to be heard; and

(c) may receive evidence orally or in writing; and

(d) may take evidence on oath or affirmation; and

(e) is not bound by rules of evidence but may inform itself in such manner as it thinks most appropriate; and

(f) shall observe the rules of natural justice in so far as they are applicable.

      (3) For the purpose of subsection (2)(d) the person presiding at the hearing may administer an oath or affirmation.

      (4) A hearing may, at the Board's discretion, be conducted in public or in private.

      (5) The Board may, by notice signed by the presiding member, require a person –

(a) to attend a hearing to give evidence; and

(b) to produce at a hearing a document or anything else specified in the notice.

      (6) A person is not entitled to be represented at a hearing unless the Board is satisfied that injustice could otherwise result.