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Liquor and Accommodation Act 1990 (No. 44 of 1990)
Requested:  2 Jul 2015
Consolidated as at:  Sessional

97. Disposal of seized liquor

      (1) If –

(a) a police officer has seized liquor in accordance with this Part; and

(b) subsequent to the seizure –

(i) no proceedings are instituted within a reasonable time for an offence for which the liquor may be forfeited; or

(ii) proceedings are instituted for an offence for which the liquor may be forfeited but no order for its forfeiture is made –

a magistrate may order that the liquor be given to a person the magistrate is satisfied has a right to its possession.

      (2) If no order is made the Commissioner may dispose of the liquor in such manner as is considered most appropriate, and pay any proceeds into the Consolidated Fund.