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Supreme Court Civil Procedure Act 1932 (No. 58 of 1932)
Requested:  25 Jun 2017
Consolidated as at:  21 Feb 2012

20. Reserved judgments

(1) When any cause or matter, after being fully heard before a Full Court, is ordered to stand for judgment, it is not necessary that both or all judges before whom it was heard be present together in court to declare their opinions on the cause or matter, but the opinion of any of them may be reduced to writing and may be read by any other judge at any subsequent sitting of a Full Court at which judgment in the cause or matter is appointed to be delivered.
(2) In any such case the question is to be decided in the same manner, and the judgment of the Court has the same force and effect, as if the judge whose opinion is so read had been present in court and had declared his or her opinion in person.
(3) Nothing in this section affects the practice of publishing in writing a judge's reasons for his or her opinion.

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