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Police Service Act 2003 (No. 75 of 2003)
Requested:  28 Jun 2017
Consolidated as at:  21 Feb 2012

47. Determination of complaints

(1) At any time during an investigation of a complaint, the Commissioner may resolve the complaint by conciliation.
(2) On completion of an investigation of a complaint, the Commissioner may determine to take any action under section 43(3) if satisfied that a breach of a provision of the code of conduct has occurred.
(3) The Commissioner, by notice in writing, is to notify the determination to –

(a) the complainant if the complainant is identifiable; and

(b) the police officer who is the subject of the complaint if the police officer is informed of the complaint.

(4) A termination of appointment or demotion as a result of action taken under section 43(3) takes effect on service of the notice under section 43(9).

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