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Police Service Act 2003 (No. 75 of 2003)
Requested:  23 Jul 2017
Consolidated as at:  21 Feb 2012

Division 3 - Reviews relating to disciplinary matters, &c.

60. Application for review relating to disciplinary matters, &c.

(1) A police officer of or below the rank of inspector, other than a special constable, (in this Division referred to as "the applicant") may apply to the Police Review Board for a review if he or she is aggrieved by any decision, determination, order or recommendation made by the Commissioner in respect of –

(a) any demotion or reduction in remuneration of the police officer; or

(b) the termination of the appointment of the police officer; or

(c) the imposition by the Commissioner on the police officer of any fine or the forfeiture by the police officer of all or any of his or her remuneration; or

(d) a suspension of remuneration or allowances, or remuneration and allowances, under section 41(a); or

(e) the payment of costs under section 87.

(2) An application for review under subsection (1) must be –

(a) made in writing stating the grounds on which it is made; and

(b) lodged with the Police Review Board within 30 days after the applicant has received notification of the decision, determination, order or recommendation in respect of which the review is sought.

(3) In hearing and determining an application for review under this Division, the Police Review Board is to have regard at all times to the public interest and community confidence in the Police Service and to the Commissioner's responsibilities as set out in section 7.
(4) The applicant must provide the Commissioner with a copy of the application within 3 days after lodging the application.
(5) The Police Review Board may extend the period referred to in subsection (2)(b) if satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist.
(6) The applicant may withdraw an application for a review.



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