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Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (No. 82 of 1997)
Requested:  22 Jun 2017
Consolidated as at:  11 Jan 2005

48H. Content of house rules

[Section 48H Inserted by No. 49 of 2003, s. 19, Applied:25 Aug 2004]

(1) If a residential tenancy agreement requires the tenant to observe any house rules, the rules are to apply equally to all tenants and are to state –

(a) if meals are to be provided, the times when they are available; and

(b) where facilities are provided for shared use, any restrictions or costs associated with access to, or use of, those facilities; and

(c) any rules relating to access to bathroom and shower facilities; and

(d) any restrictions on access by visitors; and

(e) any restrictions on the use of parking facilities or the storage of goods; and

(f) where services are provided in connection with accommodation, the times when the services are available; and

(g) if smoking is restricted, the places where smoking is permitted; and

(h) any restrictions on the consumption of alcohol; and

(i) a method of changing the house rules; and

(j) a method of taking into account the views of tenants in the development of house rules.

(2) If a house rule is inconsistent with a provision of this Act, the house rule is invalid to the extent of the inconsistency.
(3) The house rules are to be displayed in a prominent place to which all tenants have access or are to be available on demand to any tenant.

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